Seeing the pandemic through green-tinted glasses: GHGs in Japan - It pays to go green!

Seeing the pandemic through green-tinted glasses: GHGs in Japan

On Friday, the Japanese government released its greenhouse gas emissions report for the fiscal year 2020, which ended in March this year. According to the figures presented, levels of GHGs in Japan fell by as much as 5.1%. However, the country owes this record drop mainly to the pandemic.
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Climate change: a game of Jenga or a gentle hill? - It pays to go green!

Climate change: a game of Jenga or a gentle hill?

There are two ways to think about climate change: as a game of Jenga, where one block will eventually topple the whole thing, or as a gentle hill, where things start off moving slowly and you don’t notice you’re moving too fast until it’s too late to stop without serious injury.
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IOSCO report – the end of free interpretation in ESG ratings? - It pays to go green!

IOSCO report – the end of free interpretation in ESG ratings?

Companies providing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) ratings can expect some changes in the near future. On Tuesday, November 23, the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) announced the need for improved standards for ESG reporting. As an organization that regulates 95% of the global securities market, IOSCO's recommendations could strongly influence the future of ESG reporting around the world.
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It’s good to be friends with trees - It pays to go green!

It’s good to be friends with trees

They do a lot of good for us. They produce the oxygen we need to live. Furthermore, they absorb carbon dioxide, which we emit into the atmosphere. And they store it inside them for many years. They are our friends! So, you might ask – why not plant enough trees to completely balance out global CO2 emissions? The answer is not as simple as it seems.
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IPCC report: key findings - It pays to go green!

IPCC report: key findings

Reducing CO2 emissions is the key to climate change mitigation – this is one of the most important findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Its latest publication includes the summary for policymakers, Climate Change 2021: The Physical Science Basis. The entire report was published in August this year and is considered the largest update of knowledge in this field since 2014.
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10 Best Environmental Podcasts in 2023 - It pays to go green!

10 Best Environmental Podcasts in 2023

Over the past few years, podcasts’ popularity has grown enormously. On the streaming platforms, you will find plenty of interesting materials about ecology, climate change, and environmental protection in the broadest sense.
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The difference between CO2 and CO2e - It pays to go green!

The difference between CO2 and CO2e

Imagine you are going on a trip abroad. You have some money saved from previous trips in different currencies that you want to exchange for your destination country's currency. Keep this in mind for a while. It will help you understand the differences between CO2 and CO2e. The abbreviations, although they sound similar, actually have different meanings!
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Methane – Greenhouse gases - It pays to go green!

Methane – Greenhouse gases

When thinking of climate change measures, we most often associate them with reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Yes, CO2 has the most significant impact on climate change. However, other gases are also exacerbating global warming. This is especially true since the amount of methane reached a record high in the history of measurements last year. Find out what methane is and where its emissions come from.
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Green building is the future? - It pays to go green!

Green building is the future?

There are more than 7.7 billion people on Earth. By 2050, we are expected to number almost 10 billion. Regardless of gender, race, origin or other features, everybody needs a place to live permanently or at least temporarily. Construction investments of all kinds are therefore vital for the environment. While striving to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, one should remember the opportunities offered by the green building.
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