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Using TerGo

Your carbon balance is the amount of CO2 emissions you produce over a rolling 12 month period. We wanted to make it easy to know your carbon balance and show different ways to lower it to zero. Whether by gaining TER carbon credits through eco-friendly actions, offsetting those TER carbon credits against your carbon balance or buying carbon credits, we will show you the path to a zero-carbon balance. Sounds complicated and lots of work but don’t worry. TerGo makes it easy, fun and simple. Together we are ready to change the world, one TER at a time.

Use Tergo’s app everyday. Our suggestions and tips will help you lower your carbon balance to zero.

TER (True Emissions Reduction) carbon credits are carbon credits created based on human behavior actions. When you act to emit a lower CO2 footprint measured against a standard baseline action, TER carbon credits are created.

Yes, like all carbon credits, TER credits are actions that have reduced, avoided or destroyed CO2 emissions. Once one metric tonne of CO2e is calculated, one carbon credit is created. A TER carbon credit is the difference in CO2 emissions from a lower CO2e emitting actions versus a standard baseline assigned in a particular country. TERs are carbon credits that companies or individuals can earn or buy to retire and offset their carbon balance. 1 TER carbon credit = 1 reduced kilogram of CO2 derived from better environmental choices.

TER carbon credits are calculated using our proprietary algorithms and equations, which are accredited and audited by industry experts and academics.

First download TerGo on your mobile device. Start earning TER carbon credits by making eco-friendly choices in your everyday actions. From modes of transportation to lifestyle choices inside and outside of the home – the list is endless.

Once you download TerGo app on your mobile, we will show you how easy it can be to lower your CO2 emissions by changing your daily activities. TerGo will monitor, analysis and calculate your CO2 emissions in real time.

By lowering your CO2 emissions, TerGo’s calculator will convert those eco-friendly actions into TER carbon credits. We offer tips and notification to educate, inform and help you lower your carbon balance. Together we can make an impactful difference.

TerGo ‘Carbon trade’ platform is an easy way for you to buy, sell, donate or retire TER carbon credits. With every TER you create, you can use that to offset your CO2 emissions and lower your carbon balance or sell your TER to a company that needs to offset their CO2 emissions.

Sell TER’s: sell your TER’s to companies or individuals who want to offset their CO2 emissions.
Buy TER’s: buy TER’s from individuals whose eco-friendly actions you want to support and want to use to offset and lower your carbon balance.
Donate TER’s: donate your TER’s to individuals or green projects you want to support.
Retire TER’s: retire your TER’s thereby offsetting your carbon footprint and lowering your carbon balance.

Sounds complicated but believe us once you use our carbon trading platform you’ll find it easy and simple to use.

When you sign up with TerGo, your starting annual carbon balance is based on an individual’s average carbon footprint in your country. Or by using our static web carbon calculator, we will calculate a more accurate number of your annual carbon balance instead of your countries average. Then by using TerGo on your mobile, we will calculate how your carbon balance changes based on your daily actions. Using both TerGo’s mobile app and static web calculator, TerGo will calculate and help lower your annual carbon balance to ‘net zero’. The ultimate achievement of a TerGo user.

1 TER = 1 kg of CO2e

1000 TERs = 1 tonne CO2e = 1 carbon credit

The monetary value of a carbon credit is quoted daily on our trading platform and is linked to the
value of a carbon credit on the European Union Emissions Trading System (EU ETS).

All your TER carbon credit transactions can be viewed in the account history section of your profile page.

Businesses and companies that are committed to lowering and offsetting their CO2 emissions.

Individuals can also buy your TER carbon credits that want to support positive eco-friendly initiatives or offset their own carbon balance.

Retiring a TER carbon credit means that when it is removed from circulation when it’s purchased or offset, –never to be used again. The individual or company who purchased the TER carbon credit can claim they have removed the equivalent amount of CO2 from the atmosphere for good.

Each TER carbon credit, that is retired, is registered and has its own serial number. This prevents any double-counting or re-using the TER carbon credit.

You can donate your TER carbon credits to individuals you want to support for their eco-friendly actions or towards one TerGo partner green projects. Your contributions help fund projects that help reduce CO2 – and in some cases, help restore the environment and biodiversity.

After donating your TER carbon credits to a green project, you will get frequent email updates on the project and new developments. Your donation will also be shown on our blockchain and in your profile history section.

On TerGo’s carbon trade platform you can buy, sell, donate, retire, or offset TER carbon credits.

The funds from your TER credits will be automatically transferred to your bank account. This can take up to 24hrs to be seen in your bank account balance.

TER carbon credits are verified through our proprietary equations and algorithms created by industry experts and academics.

A 3rd party company performs an audit of all TER carbon credits transactions from creation to retirement to ensure full transparency. In addition, we use blockchain to record all TER carbon credit transactions.

You are now buying carbon credits to offset your annual carbon balance. The funds will go toward the green project you chose. You will also receive a notification when new projects become available and you can change your subscription amount and which projects you would like to support at any time.

With TerGo green projects, we are not only supporting projects that reduce or eliminate CO2 emissions from the atmosphere but also have a social and sustainability component. They benefit local people involved in the projects in direct correlation with how much they benefit the environment. When we plant trees, we do it differently than traditional projects. We plant polyculture fruit bearing trees among high-CO2 sequestering forest trees, which not only absorbs more CO2 per acre but also provides fruit for the local farmers we partner with to supplant extra income. For our forest protection projects, we work with local communities to keep forests intact, leading to more CO2 sequestration and support for Indigenous communities that we work alongside.

Go to your account settings. You can unsubscribe at any time, change the amount of your monthly contribution, and which projects you support. You can also message a member of the TerGo team via email or through the Contact page to change your subscription.

Yes! Support as many projects as you like and are comfortably able to contribute to.

Bring your annual carbon balance to ‘net-zero’ and go further to become carbon negative. I hear there’s a TerGo badge for that.

TerGo badges are awarded when you perform various positive actions.

We don’t have a list of our badges on our site, but we make sure everyone knows once you receive one.

There are a total of 24 badges to acquire. Good luck!

We see everyone around us being aware of their carbon balance and working together to reduce it. Supporting each other and supporting TerGo partners. Changing the world together, one carbon footprint at a time.


TerGo will calculate the CO2 emissions for the life cycle of a particular product or service. The company purchases and retires the number of TER carbon credits required to offset that products’ carbon footprint for the year. The product is now carbon neutral reaching zero net carbon emissions and now can be accredited as ‘carbon neutral’.

Contact us to learn more.

A brief history of how we got here

A carbon footprint is the total amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) generated by our actions. This can be calculated for individuals, households, companies, communities, or even countries.

Offsetting your footprint is a way to bring your carbon balance to zero. When you purchase carbon offsets, you are funding the reduction, elimination, or total avoidance of one ton of carbon. To lower your carbon balance to zero you can create TER carbon credits which can be offset and/or buy as many additional carbon credits as necessary; balancing your emissions with an equal amount of emissions reduction.

Offset credits are TER carbon credits that are destined to be retired. They essentially take the CO2 equivalent amount and remove it from the atmosphere for good.

Companies or individuals who want to lower their carbon balance will use (offset) their TER carbon credit. This way, they can become 'carbon neutral' with a zero-carbon balance.