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A carbon footprint is a total amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) generated by our activities. It can be calculated for individuals, households, businesses, communities, and even countries.

Offset credits are TER/VER carbon credits that are created to be retired by individuals or companies. Simply put: retiring them helps to permanently remove as much CO2 from the earth as they correspond to.
With them, you can achieve climate neutrality on your way to a net-zero carbon balance.
A carbon footprint is a total amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) generated by our activities. It can be calculated for individuals, households, businesses, communities, and even countries.

Offsetting your footprint is a way to bring your carbon balance to zero. When you purchase carbon credits, you are funding the reduction, elimination, or total avoidance of one ton of carbon. This can be done by buying VER carbon credits from eco-farming projects or offsetting your created TER carbon credits when using TerGo’s TerBit app. The ultimate goal is to lower your carbon balance to zero, thus balancing your emissions with an equal amount of emissions reduction.

The first step at TerGo to fight climate change is working with companies and individuals to change their actions to lower their direct and indirect CO2 emissions.  This starts with a plan and usually takes time to implement.  Not every company or individual can reduce their CO2 emissions to zero right away, and this is where offsetting comes in.  The remaining CO2 emissions that a company or individual cannot bring to zero are offset for the given year.

Offsetting is a way for businesses and individuals to take responsibility for all of their emissions now and invest in the transition to a low carbon economy.

Using TerGo

We're great because of awesome people like yourself working together to help our planet with each individual eco-action.

Your carbon balance is the amount of CO2 emissions you produce from the past 365 days-it changes every new day.
With TerGo, you will understand your carbon balance better and learn of different ways to reduce it – even to zero.
Whether by gaining TER carbon credits through eco-friendly actions, offsetting those TER carbon credits against your carbon balance, or buying carbon credits, we will show you the path to a zero-carbon balance. Sounds complicated and lots of work but don’t worry, TerGo makes it easy, fun and simple. Together we are ready to change the world, one TER at a time.

When you sign up with TerGo, your starting annual carbon balance is based on an individual’s average carbon footprint in your country. Or by answering a few questions on our web carbon calculator, we will calculate a more accurate number of your annual carbon balance. Then by using TerGo on your mobile, we will calculate how your carbon balance changes based on your daily actions. Using both TerGo’s mobile app and static web calculator, TerGo will calculate and help lower your annual carbon balance to ‘net zero’. The ultimate achievement of a TerGo user.

Use the TerGo app every day. Our suggestions and tips will help you reduce your carbon balance to zero.

TERs (True Emission Reduction) are carbon credits created based on human behavior and actions. When you act to emit a lower CO2 footprint measured against a standard baseline action, you create carbon credits – TERs.

Yes, like all carbon credits-VERs (Verified Emissions Reduction), TERs are actions that have reduced, avoided, or destroyed CO2 emissions. One carbon credit is created once one metric tonne of CO2 emission is calculated.

A TER carbon credit is a difference in CO2 emissions from lower CO2 emission emitting actions versus a standard baseline assigned in a particular country.

TERs are carbon credits that companies or individuals can earn or buy to retire and offset their carbon balance.
1 TER carbon credit = 1000 reduced kgs of CO2 derived from better environmental choices.

TERs are calculated using TerGo's proprietary algorithms and equations, which have been accredited by industry experts and scientists. Our calculation mechanisms are also subject to rigorous audits.

Start by downloading the TerGo app – TERbit to your mobile device.

TERs will start adding to your account with every green choice you make. The list of possibilities is endless – starting with modes of transportation and ending with lifestyle changes. You can act both inside, and outside your home.

TERbit works in the TerGo app on your mobile device. The app shows you how you can easily reduce your CO2 emissions by changing your daily habits. TerGo will monitor, analyze, and calculate your CO2 emissions in real-time.

If you reduce your CO2 emissions, TERbit converts your green actions into carbon credits – TERs.

We don't just offer you the opportunity to earn money from being eco-friendly. The app also gives you advice and notifications on further actions you can take for the planet. We educate people and help them reduce their carbon footprint. Only together we have the power to make big changes.

All transactions you make with TerGo are stored in your account history on your profile.

Companies or individuals that are committed to reducing and offsetting their CO2 emissions.

Retiring TERs means removing them from circulation. TERs are retired once they have been purchased or used to offset CO2. Retired carbon credits cannot be reused. A person or company that purchased TERs can certify that they have removed the purchased amount of CO2 from the atmosphere for good.
Each retired TER is registered with a unique serial number. This prevents any double-counting or re-using of the TER carbon credit.

The funds received from the sale of your TERs will be automatically transferred to your bank account.

TERs are verified using our proprietary equations and algorithms created by industry experts and scientists.

An independent 3rd party external auditing company verifies all transactions involving TERs: from their creation to their retirement. This ensures full transparency of all transactions.

In addition, we use blockchain to record all TER transactions.

You can offset your annual carbon balance by purchasing VER (Verified Emissions Reduction) carbon credits. The funds will go to green projects of your choice.

When new projects become available, you will receive a notification.

You can change your subscription plan and supported projects at any time.

You can read about our projects here or how we plant our trees here. We are not brokers of projects, but the land owners working with the local community to increase their social and economic standing. We are proud of our project and welcome anyone to visit our farms. Our team members are there every day, helping make the world a better place.

TerGo focuses on supporting projects that save the environment and improve the quality of life of local communities. We aim at boosting sustainable development. TerGo projects help the environment and people living in areas that need protection.
When planting trees, we do it differently than traditional projects. For example, we plant polycultures of fruit trees and typical forest trees with high CO2 sequestration. Such planting absorbs more CO2 per km2 and gives the fruit to local farmers for free. Working with us provides them with additional income. We work closely with local communities to keep the forests intact. This increases their capacity to absorb CO2 and supports indigenous communities.

Yes! You can support as many projects as you feel comfortable with.

Achieve climate neutrality or even a negative carbon balance. Rumour has it that you can get a TerGo badge for this!

TerGo badges are awarded for various eco-actions.
We don't list the available badges on our website, but we make sure everyone knows once you receive one.
There are a total of 24 badges to earn. Good luck!

We dream of a future where everyone is aware of the impact of CO2 emissions on the climate. We imagine people doing their best to reduce it every day. In this vision, we all support each other – whether we act alone, in a company, or as a community.

What if it's all yet another conspiracy theory and climate change doesn't exist? Well – we will be left to live on a clean, green planet that we collectively care about.


The TerGo team calculates the total carbon footprint for the lifecycle of a product or service - Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).
Then, the company purchases and retires the number of TERs carbon credits required to offset the carbon footprint for that product for the entire year. This allows the product to be accredited as climate neutral, i.e. having a zero carbon footprint. The product becomes TerGo ‘Carbon Neutral Certified’.

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