TerGo Foundation
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We share knowledge, promote ecology and support initiatives aimed at reducing and offsetting greenhouse gasses. We do everything for the better future of our planet!


TerGo Foundation

We protect the environment by reducing human-induced greenhouse gas emissions. To popularize the knowledge about climate and biodiversity, the Foundation runs educational programs and cooperates with other organizations and initiatives. We act according to climate justice in regions that need support the most.

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Foundation’s mission

We popularize the knowledge about climate and biodiversity to mitigate climate change effectively. Our mission is aligned with the climate justice principle, and we help societies that need support the most.

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  • International Forestry Carbon Credit Standard

    In cooperation with internationally renowned scientists, the Foundation prepared a standard for conducting agroforestry projects following the Paris Agreement and the latest academic developments. IFCC standard allows anyone to start a sequestration project, i.e., to offset greenhouse gas emissions through fostering or conserving forested areas. The Foundation provides verification and supervision.

  • Tergopedia

    Knowledge is the key to success. Our urge to share it motivated us to create a free, virtual encyclopedia dedicated to climate. Tergopedia gathers the essential concepts and definitions of greenhouse gas reduction and global warming. Join the Tergopedia community and develop it together with us!

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  • TerGo Market

    We are developing the first decentralized system for tracking and storing carbon offsets based on blockchain and Web 3.0 technology. The platform will enable the tokenization of the highest quality carbon offsets created by IFCC standard-verified projects. The retired credits will be securely stored as NFTs, thus providing transparency and credibility in the carbon offsets market.

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TerGo Foundation in numbers

  • The number of trees that absorb greenhouse gasses under the IFCC standard so far.

  • The number of the highest-quality VERs that have already been certified under our IFCC standard.

  • The number of educational and development projects that have been implemented or are underway.

  • The number of institutions and organizations cooperating with us for the better future of the planet!


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