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What exactly is TerGo?

To put it briefly: we are designing a platform that unites the individuals acting for the climate with companies striving to create a carbon-neutral future. The core of our business is an app that empowers individuals with tools to measure, maximize, and monetize their eco-actions. We are also planting trees in Belize, helping businesses to reduce and offset their CO2 emissions, and much more.

What is our mission?


We strive to save the world, one footprint at a time. The future of the planet depends on the collective actions we take today. Thanks to TerGo, small steps can be quantified and made important! We are the first app in the world that rewards users for going green.

Is TerGo a place for you?

If you’re happy with simple instructions and repetitive daily routines, the answer is NO. We are creating a product that is the first of its kind, and our work is far from mundane. We are developing and changing a lot, so we are looking for tech-savvy individuals that crave dynamic development.

Open positions:

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