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The best ideas emerge when people meet and get together. Check how to organize a carbon-neutral event with TerGo.

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9. Do you have access to renewable energy such as wind or solar for the event?
9.1. What is the percentage of renewable energy you purchase?

Empirical values are used to calculate an estimation of your event’s emissions according to a standard baseline. Air travel (step 3) and material transportation (step 7) are not included and can be recorded if necessary. To see more accurate results, please enter the actual data.

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Turn your event carbon neutral!

If you don’t require invoicing, agreements, or contracts you can easily offset your event by bying VERs or TERs right in our shop.
Otherwise we kindly ask you to send us your calculations by using the form below and we’ll contact you with an offer tailered to your needs.

Be among the leaders

Currently, only the most famous stars offset their concerts (Timberlake, Coldplay, Massive Attack, and Pearl Jam have a private GHG specialist).

Do your bit for the good of our planet

We all need to answer the global climate alert — every little thing counts.

Bond with your audience

More and more people are seeking eco-friendly solutions and enjoy taking part in Earth-oriented initiatives.

Curious about your footprint?
Check our detailed Carbon Footprint Calculator.

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