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Unite your team with a shared goal:
save the planet together!

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Engaging eco-actions for HR departments

Build a strong team’s culture by promoting a sense of purpose

Create a meaningful eco-bond with your crew

Sustainability is fun with TerGo

As policies change, we all need to take steps toward a net-zero future. Engage your team to reach this goal faster!
Get a tailored set of prompts to assist your employees in taking everyday eco-actions. Promote printing less or taking the stairs.
TerGo will support you in training and educating your staff on reducing their carbon footprint every day.

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Carbon neutrality for your team

Offer your team a first-class benefit: carbon neutrality. Reduce all you can and neutralize the unavoidable!

  • Plant trees to get carbon offsets for your employees.
  • Turn your team carbon-neutral and support them in saving the planet.
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Engage your team with the TERbit app

Involve your team in collecting TER offset credits with the TERbit app. Reduce the carbon footprint using the power of gamification!

  • Eco-challenges: encourage healthy competition among your employees and run a carbon-reducing race.
  • Set eco-goals for your team: e.g. reduce 1 tonne of CO2 per team to get a bonus.
  • Engage your team in eco-actions: e.g. Clean Sky in July = everyone who cycles at least ten times to work receives a reward.
  • … and much more!
TERbit for business


Profits or sustainability? Get both!

Employees’ satisfaction

Almost two-thirds (65%) of Reuter’s survey respondents said they were more likely to work for a company with strong environmental policies. Common goals unite!

Pioneering leadership

63% of employees expressed the desire to learn green skills to become more valuable for their workplace.

Shared goals unite

Employees want to feel that their and their employers’ values are aligned. They tend to choose employers who take action. Save the world together!


How does it work?

Contact us

Contact TerGo using our contact form or drop us an email.
We’ll explain the steps and help you establish your new eco-goals.


Time to gather the data!
Our experts will quantify the carbon footprint of your products, services, production lines and other value chain elements.


You will receive a tailored offer including:

  • reduction guidelines
  • detailed offsetting plan
  • implementation and milestone roadmap
  • cost analysis
  • support in communication of your eco-actions


Plans transform into actions. We offset your footprint and grant you TerGo Carbon Neutral certificates and labels.
Our experts are there for you all the time. Working together, we will achieve the goal of carbon neutrality.

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