• Elevate your business
    to another eco-level

    Sustainability ensures the stable, continuous growth of your
    company. Offset your company’s actions today and see how
    carbon neutrality benefits you and the planet.

    See how to run a green company

    TerGo tailored services for your company

    Offset your CO2 emissions and stay ahead of the competition.

    Roadmap to carbon neutrality for companies:

    • Carbon neutrality for e-commerce

      Are you producing, selling online, shipping? Think green and get connected with eco-conscious customers. Offset your actions
      with TerGo.
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    • Green solutions
      for new IT technologies

      Carbon neutrality for:

      • blockchain
      • cloud computing / data centers
      • machine learning / AI

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    • TerGo for small companies and start-ups

      Running a carbon-neutral company is easier and more affordable than you think. Contact us and see for yourself!
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    • Sustainability
      for marketing

      Engage your audience with the help of green innovations! Create an
      eco-bond with your clients and save the world together.
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    • Engaging
      eco-actions for
      HR departments

      Activate your team, set common ecological goals and enjoy your company’s success.
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    • Green support for enterprises

      Looking for better ways of shifting your business to the greener side? See what you can achieve with ESG reports, TerGo consultancy, transparency and high-quality carbon offsets.
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    API Integrations

    New technologies can help us save the planet. Get an integrated carbon calculator on your website and support your customers on their way to carbon neutrality.

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    Types of tailored services by TerGo

    Check out TerGo’s
    tailored business solutions:

    Going green is the way to go!

    • Certified carbon neutral product

      Show your customers that you care about the environment. Offset the carbon footprint of your product and mark your success with the TerGo Carbon Neutral Certified label.
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    • Carbon neutral company certification

      Offset the unavoidable CO2 emissions of your company with with the highest quality carbon offsets. Join the leaders of positive change!
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    • Eco-marketing

      Communicate your commitment to climate action and attract eco-conscious customers.
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    • Eco friendly HR programs

      Engage your employees and enjoy your team’s success! Together, you will change the world for the better while having fun at the same time.
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    • ESG reporting & consultancy

      Show your partners, stakeholders, and employees that you’re leading the way towards a carbon-free future. Document your positive environmental actions.
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    • See what our clients say about TerGo

      Our customer’s story

      Facemodeling taping is a method of innovative self-care. By preserving beauty, we help women feel fabulous every day. As a company with a holistic approach, we do not forget that people and nature are one: sustainability is crucial to us. That’s why we integrated carbon offsetting into our business plan. With TerGo, the process was seamless. Thanks to TerGo’s environmental experts, we’ve successfully joined the leaders of positive eco-influence.

    • See what our clients say about TerGo

      Our customer’s story

      When it comes to production, we are never cutting corners. In the case of our chocolates, it’s crucial to meet rigorous standards and address our customers’ high expectations. We are grateful for the goodness that nature gives us, and we want to give back. Offering our customers carbon-neutral products came as a natural step towards harmony with the planet. TerGo made it possible.

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