Carbon footprint

The easiest way to measure your impact on climate change.
Measure, reduce and offset your emissions with TerGo.


STEP 1: Choose one of two ways to determine your carbon footprintIt’s the sum of the greenhouse gas emissions that result from our choices. The bigger our engagement in green activities, the smaller our carbon footprint!

Use the detailed carbon footprint calculator and get an accurate result.

Calculate your footprint

With just a few clicks you can offset your carbon footprint by obtaining your country’s average CO2 emissions.

Offset your footprint

STEP 2: Choose a method for CO2 emissions offsetting

Plant trees

The more trees in the ground, the less CO2 in the atmosphere – trees absorb tonnes of it!

Which trees are the best eco-performers? How many of them do we need to offset carbon emissions?

There are many factors and processes to consider – including tree species, timing, and amount of CO2 sequestration The ability of plants to absorb CO2 through photosynthesis. It depends on the age of a tree, its species, and other factors. However, mature, healthy trees absorb more CO2 than they give off. but that’s what scientists are for! Leave the nuances and statistical deep-dives to us – just tell us the amount of emissions you want to balance and we’ll take care of the rest.

Support eco-projects

Support TerGo’s eco-projects by buying VERs that not only offset carbon emissions from the atmosphere but have a social and economic impact.

Right now we have a polyculture It is a type of agriculture introducing the diversity of natural ecosystems by cultivating two or more plant species on the same area. Benefits of polycultures: increased biodiversity, enhanced soil health, elimination of fossil-fuel fertilizers and pesticides, clean water run-off. project in Belize. Initiatives such as this not only improve water, soil, and air quality but also have a huge impact on the local community.

That’s what’s most beautiful about our eco-projects. Find out what it’s like to improve someone’s life!

STEP 3: See your positive impact on the world

Your TERs change the world for the better. You help keep CO2 out of the air while motivating others to follow suit.  Buying VERs you help support the conservation of forests and bring benefits to entire communities – not to mention bringing a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, and hope.

Don’t change who you are, just change what you do! Each small action brings us closer to a common goal. Share your successes with the TerGo community. Let’s celebrate them together!