7 things you probably don’t know about palm oil - It pays to go green!

7 things you probably don’t know about palm oil

If you're one of those reading product labels, you know that palm oil can be found in cakes and frozen vegetables. But have you ever paid attention to the ingredients of your cosmetics? If so, you would discover palm oil even there. It is estimated that every American consumes almost 8 kg of this fat annually. Hence, it is worth knowing what is involved in its production. This is the first step towards making informed choices!
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Upcycling and zero waste fashion - It pays to go green!

Upcycling and zero waste fashion

Fashion trends come and go, but we can permanently introduce this into our wardrobe. If you are in the middle of spring cleaning and know that you have clothes in your wardrobe that you no longer wear - don't throw them away! There are many ways to reuse them in a way that will benefit the environment and community. Here are the hottest trends of all the upcoming seasons: upcycling and zero waste!
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Cycling in Winter: Get Ready for the New Season - It pays to go green!

Cycling in Winter: Get Ready for the New Season

Sometimes a bike needs an extra push - especially when it gets a bit colder. Apart from muscle power, you sometimes need willpower to make cycling in winter and autumn as pleasant as in spring or summer. Applying these few simple tips will make your cycling season last all year long!
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A live or artificial Christmas tree? - It pays to go green!

A live or artificial Christmas tree?

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree, can you be eco-friendly? Are you wondering which Christmas tree to buy? It's certainly worth checking a few facts before making the final decision. You can support the Christmas magic and the global climate efforts at the same time just by making the right choice. That's also some extra points with Santa!
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Electrification: What’s the carbon deal? - It pays to go green!

Electrification: What’s the carbon deal?

There are three main ways to move towards a carbon-neutral future without losing our current quality of life or standard of living – and it’s no surprise that each of these involves shifting how we use energy rather than eliminating it. After all, if we can make energy carbon-neutral, with unlimited availability, why would we not use as much as demand entails?
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10 Best Environmental Podcasts in 2023 - It pays to go green!

10 Best Environmental Podcasts in 2023

Over the past few years, podcasts’ popularity has grown enormously. On the streaming platforms, you will find plenty of interesting materials about ecology, climate change, and environmental protection in the broadest sense.
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The difference between CO2 and CO2e - It pays to go green!

The difference between CO2 and CO2e

Imagine you are going on a trip abroad. You have some money saved from previous trips in different currencies that you want to exchange for your destination country's currency. Keep this in mind for a while. It will help you understand the differences between CO2 and CO2e. The abbreviations, although they sound similar, actually have different meanings!
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Methane – Greenhouse gases - It pays to go green!

Methane – Greenhouse gases

When thinking of climate change measures, we most often associate them with reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Yes, CO2 has the most significant impact on climate change. However, other gases are also exacerbating global warming. This is especially true since the amount of methane reached a record high in the history of measurements last year. Find out what methane is and where its emissions come from.
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Green building is the future? - It pays to go green!

Green building is the future?

There are more than 7.7 billion people on Earth. By 2050, we are expected to number almost 10 billion. Regardless of gender, race, origin or other features, everybody needs a place to live permanently or at least temporarily. Construction investments of all kinds are therefore vital for the environment. While striving to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, one should remember the opportunities offered by the green building.
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