Our mission is to prevent climate change by supporting ecology and sustainability.
We educate people and businesses by promoting pro-ecological attitudes and biodiversity
through all our channels. Having climate justice principle in mind, we strive to support people
who need it the most.

We help families in Belize. We seek to level the global playing field and act in accordance
with the climate justice principles. Our team identified families in need of support in Belize
(Central America) and follows a plan to improve their lives. The TerGo Foundation provides
Belizean community with access to clean water and improves their housing conditions.

TerGo Foundation also provides an innovative and comprehensive standard for
verifying new sequestration projects. International Forestry Carbon Credit
enables verification of projects that can contribute to the creation of the highest
quality carbon offsets. The IFCC Standard allows sequestration projects to be verified in
accordance with the current market requirements and facilitates the possibility of starting such
a project. The IFCC Standard has the advantage of being accessible to a wide range of
recipients due to the lack of the entrance fee, which in the case of many other standards
creates a barrier for new applicants. Thanks to the TerGo Foundation, starting a sequestration
project for new applicants is cheaper and easier than ever before.

We create TerGo Market, a system for monitoring the circulation of carbon offsets built
using blockchain technology. TerGo Market will enable tokenization of carbon offsets created
through IFCC standard verified projects and their sales as NFTs. TerGo Foundation oversees
TerGo Market and raises funds for its development.


Our goal is to protect the environment and support carbon reduction activities. We
strive to halt the global warming by:

– counteracting negative changes in the Earth’s climate and their effects
– reducing anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions
– educating and acting according with the UN Sustainable Development Goals
– dissemination of knowledge in the field of carbon footprint reduction, emission offsets, and
ecological choices in life
– implementing and supporting projects and initiatives aimed at environmental protection
– exploring and developing technological solutions that support environment protection and
carbon footprint reduction, including transferring and exchanging the knowledge of modern

Whatever we do, we keep the future in mind. The fate of the next generations relies on our
actions here and now. Stopping climate change is our leading cause; we firmly believe this
task belongs to all of us. That’s why we focus today on leveling the playing field, educating
people and businesses, and facilitating access to new technologies. We must combat climate
change for a better tomorrow, people, and the planet.

Thuy Nguyen & Ewelina Sasin
Founders of TerGo