What is B Corp certification? TerGo joins the certified companies!

Be the change you seek in the world - this is the motto of the B Lab organization awarding B Corp certification. This certification is widely known abroad, but only a handful of positive impact businesses can boast it in Poland. Although the application process is extremely time-consuming and complicated, it is worth going through it to thoroughly screen your company's business model. What is B Corp certification and why should you choose B Corp-certified businesses? This article explains it.

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Ewa Kiełsznia

Writer, transcreator, editor. Eco-enthusiast tackling the climate change with the power of words

B Lab is a nonprofit organization that aims to spark change in the global economic model by encouraging good business models.

What is B Corp?

B Lab is a nonprofit organization that aims to spark change in the global economic model by encouraging good business models. B Lab mobilizes companies to fundamentally rethink their operating model regarding indicators akin to ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance). This certification is distinguished by a very complex verification process that takes many months and involves almost every department in the company. On the website, B Lab shortens the entire process to “just” 15 steps, the last of which, recertification, takes the longest. Getting certified once is not enough – you must reapply every three years.

How does the certification process work?

The process begins with a free, confidential registration on the B Impact Assessment website. Completing the application includes analyzing legal structures, assessing risks according to guidelines, and preparing extensive documentation to support the data entered. It is then followed by an online form that indicates whether the organization scores above the minimum threshold of 80 points at that stage. A minimum score of this amount is required to receive certification. Successful completion of this stage is followed by many steps of further verification, ultimately leading to an accurate score and publication on the publicly available B Lab website. As mentioned above, obtaining certification is not the end of the road, but only a good start, as certification must be repeated every 3 years.

B Corp certification – 5 areas

Governance – in this part, the company’s operating model is evaluated, focusing on social and environmental impact, ethics, and transparency. B Lab also analyzes the company’s mission statement and all documents related to implementing statutory goals.
Employees – to qualify for certification, a company must prove that it provides financial stability to employees, adheres to health and safety principles, cares about the well-being of the team and employees’ career development, and actively works on employee engagement and satisfaction.
Community – this section evaluates commitment to the community, such as support for diversity, volunteer activities, and value chain evaluation. To become a B Corp, it is worth paying attention to buying Fair Trade products, shaping cooperative models, and focusing the development model on local suppliers whenever possible.
Environment – B Lab carefully screens companies for their impact on air, global warming, water, land, and biodiversity. The company’s direct operations and its value chain partners are considered. Examples of best practices in this area include using renewable energy, introducing innovative environmental solutions, providing less toxic alternatives in the market, and environmental education activities.
Customers – this section is devoted to the ethical evaluation of marketing activities, data privacy, security, and the feedback system.

Our score – an impressive 123.4!

We are immensely proud of our score, which turned out to be the highest in Poland and very high compared to other B Corps worldwide. This is especially important for us because B Lab recognizes the best companies in the world, not the best in the world. B Corp certification is not about financial performance, business model, or other factors that only matter in the material world. B Lab provides a comprehensive assessment of a company in terms of its performance in the community and environment.

B Corps are companies that act with foresight, putting sustainability ahead of quick profit. The certification is based on the principle of interdependence, and companies that want to achieve certification must consider that business, the planet, and all people on Earth are connected. You can’t exploit one of these elements in the long run without undermining your foundations.

Moreover, companies certified as B Corp are businesses run inclusively, with extensive pro-social and pro-environmental policies. Transparency and regenerative economics must be pillars in firms applying to the program. Such companies often attract employees and retain them for the long term through their friendly, long-term policies. At TerGo, we have continuously operated with respect for the community and the environment, taking into account our most important stakeholder, the Earth.

B Corp in Poland – what other companies are certified?

Among companies with boards in Poland, only 9 (including us) have B Corporation certification, including Admind, Benefit System S.A., Better sp. z o.o., Danone sp. z o.o., ANG Group S.A., Netguru and Yellow Octopus Group. We are all the more pleased to represent the movement in the country. The certification originated overseas and is definitely more popular there, but it is gradually gaining more members on the old continent as well.

To see our B Corp profile, visit B Corp webpage.