Who are the masterminds behind TerGo?

Some innovative solutions are created in the lab, while others are invented in the garage. TerGo was conceived in the mind of a serial entrepreneur – and was brought to fruition after meeting a like-minded marketing executive at a charity event in coastal Poland.

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Jordan Flagel

Sustainability & Environmental Specialist, certified GRI professional for sustainability reporting

TerGo’s founders share a passion for business and for living a healthy life in balance with the environment. They are dedicated mothers who are putting their children first by making a bold effort to help improve the world that they will grow up in. This is part of what makes TerGo a truly transformational and impactful platform.

The masterminds behind TerGo

Sometimes, through random chance, people are brought together in a way that leads to impactful and meaningful change. An idea inside one person’s mind can be brought out and turned into a product, a company – or even a revolutionary platform that can truly help the planet.

This is what happened when two enterprising women met while organizing a charity event in Gdansk, Poland, at the school where each of their children attended. The two working mothers quickly realized the striking similarities in mindsets, ambitions, and perspectives – they both envisioned the same path not only in business, but also in life.

The Co-Founders of TerGo: Thuy Nguyen and Ewelina Sasin

“What inspired and sparked the idea was my experience in renewable energy and carbon markets – the problem in the current carbon credit market was a lack of transparency. I felt companies could do more, and we could do more if we worked together, with less finger pointing and more symbiotic relationships. That would be a win-win.” – Thuy Nguyen

TerGo was conceived when Thuy Nguyen noticed that current environmental solutions were not working as well as they should. When it came to carbon offsets, she felt the mentality was more along the lines of “offset it and forget it” – make your one-time contribution and go right back to doing what you were doing before. She wanted to encourage everyone to become more conscious of their direct environmental impacts, quantify alternatives, and put them towards a greater cause. Thuy utilized nearly 18+ years of entrepreneurial experience, including more than 5 years in the renewable energy and carbon market space, to address the problem she saw from a business perspective, which led to the idea of an app that would catalyze a collective action to help the environment. “We need people working and being connected together on a local and international community scale to see immediate and impactful changes,” Thuy says. However, the company really came alive when Thuy met Ewelina Sasin at the charity committee at their children’s school.

Ewelina is a marketing mastermind and venerably successful business leader in the Polish community. She also has nearly 17+ years of entrepreneurial experience, along with more than 15 years of experience working with some of Europe’s biggest and most influential brands. When she heard about Thuy’s idea knew that she could help bring it to life in a way that few others would be able to match. The only problem was timing – Ewelina was working on several major projects and would not be able to devote the necessary time to helping establish TerGo as a leader in the sustainability field.

And then the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Ewelina suddenly had a great deal of free time as everything locked down; a silver lining in an otherwise very dark cloud that hung over the world. Together, Thuy and Ewelina were able to make the most out of an unprecedented and otherwise terrible situation, co-founding TerGo in late 2020 with a platform and app that had the potential to be immensely beneficial for the planet.

“Each of us, every day, makes many different choices. TerGo supports and motivates us to choose the best for the environment. It’s good for the planet, users and business. In the end, everyone wins.” – Ewelina Sasin

TerGo’s founders share a passion for business and for living a healthy life in balance with the environment. They are dedicated mothers who are putting their children first by making a bold effort to help improve the world that they will grow up in. This is part of what makes TerGo a truly transformational and impactful platform.


A platform and app that truly makes a difference

The TerGo app is a first of its kind carbon assessment tool for people looking to make a difference. It empowers collective action by linking the efforts of people everywhere to measure and reduce their CO2 output, reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the air and helping us reach our carbon neutral future goals. But what really makes it game-changing is that companies pay users who reduce their emissions as a form of carbon offset, essentially shifting the onus and financial obligation from the consumer to the producer. This is done in the form of True Emission Reduction carbon credits, also known as TERs. Each kilogram of CO2 avoided through less-carbon intensive choices generates 1 TER for TerGo users. After accumulating TERs in the app, users can then sell them to companies at the market rate to be compensated for the time, effort, and money that is associated with making greener choices.

In addition to TERs, the TerGo platform is expanding to offer carbon neutral accreditation for businesses and Verified Emission Reduction credits (VERs) through our flagship Belize project that not only stores carbon in nature-based solutions, but also helps local communities in the country. TerGo’s eco projects are about much more than just offsets, offering economic and social benefits to local communities in the form of good paying jobs, fruit to harvest for families, revenue from crop sales, and more – and the connection to these communities is not superficial: TerGo team members, including the founders, regularly visit our Belize project and have developed real relationships with the people involved on the ground.


TerGo is an impact-driven company led by women

TerGo is an impact-driven company led by women. Thuy and Ewelina created TerGo with the goal of giving people the right tools to keep them actively engaged while making our planet healthier, cleaner, and more resilient. “We are women impact-driven founders.” Thuy says. “We all can do better if we know better, and the app educates, brings more awareness, and helps people become more conscious of their daily choices and impact.”

Thuy and Ewelina wanted to create their own project to make sure things were not just done right, but that they were done better. “TerGo allows every participant to be a part of a larger movement,” Thuy says, “where everybody involved is contributing to a more sustainable future in a way that has never been done before. We are creating a world wide eco-conscious community”

One year after the founding of TerGo, the company already employs more than 20 people working primarily in the Tri-City and Warsaw, as well as Canada, the USA, Belize, and Egypt. The company is growing substantially and plans to offer more services and innovations in 2022 and beyond. “We are very proud of our diverse background, from our team members to advisors, and will continue to grow – all while keeping our values and philosophy aligned with our shared purpose of making the world a better place”  Ewelina says.

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