TerGo has the forest planting mastered! Our campaign in Poland

We dropped everything and went to the Tuchola Forest. But don't worry - we had no intention of permanently quitting TerBit, sustainability reports, and carbon neutrality accreditation. Instead, we took our shovels to Gostycyn near Bydgoszcz for one day to plant... over 1600 trees together with the Las Na Zawsze Foundation. We wouldn't have succeeded without the enormous help of the TerGo community - thank you! Together we change the world for the better.

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Ksenia Pisera

Journalist, popularizer of knowledge about environmental and climate protection

All trees are dear to us, but we wanted the TerGo forest to symbolise our community. That's why everyone wishing to do so - until the seedlings ran out - could name the trees in the TerGo forest!

Every day we help the planet by revolutionising the carbon credit market. We provide innovative tools that make it simpler, more enjoyable and – quite frankly – beneficial to make eco-choices. Our mission is to ensure sustainability and a better future. We focus on the well-being of the planet and all of humanity. For there is only one Earth!


And while you can usually find us working on calculations or writing lines of code, we know what shovels are for. In Belize, we are developing an agroforestry project with the local community to turn a wasteland into a biodiverse, polyculture forest. Together with you and the Las Na Zawsze foundation, we planted a forest in Gostycyn near Bydgoszcz.


Reducing CO2 emissions is an essential part of climate change mitigation efforts. At TerGo, we take a holistic approach. Technology and innovation are crucial, but we also remember the things close to the Earth. Trees are, after all, natural carbon sinks. Caring for them is our responsibility, which we are happy to do –

says Thuy Nguyen, the founder and CEO of TerGo.


The area in Gostycyn is particular because a forest grew there years ago. Unfortunately, due to a massive storm, trees have fallen down. We have decided to positively contribute to restoring the natural state of this place. Our cooperation with the Las Na Zawsze Foundation assures that these seedlings will be taken care of. They will benefit and support future generations in their efforts to cleanse the air and ensure a good climate on Earth –

adds Ewelina Sasin, the co-founder and COO of TerGo.


TerGo Forest Planting took place on April 7, 2022. Together with representatives of the Las Na Zawsze Foundation and our friends – Ola Brzeska/@eko.Alternatywa, Kasia Wągrowska/@kasia_ograniczamsie, Eliza Sobczuk/@pokoleniezerowaste and Katarzyna Siuzdak/@science_mission – we planted over 1600 seedlings! Notably, the trees were specially selected to make our forest biodiverse and resistant to environmental factors. These include sessile oaks and common beeches and maples, lindens and hornbeams, to name but a few. Our TerGo forest is also formally and financially secured against being cut down or sold, even in the future! So it is literally a forest forever (in Polish: las na zawsze).


All trees are dear to us, but we wanted the TerGo forest to symbolise our community. That’s why everyone wishing to do so – until the seedlings ran out – could name the trees in the TerGo forest! You had to fill in a short form and enter the name you wanted for the tree. And we must admit that creativity knows no bounds! The TerGo forest is already home to, among others, Tadeusz the Magnificent, the Humming Limb, the Green Radolash, the Croquet, the Guardian of this Forest, and Ola and Stefcia’s Engagement Tree. Congratulations!


An interactive map with the planting plan is now available on the TerGo website. You can find and virtually visit your tree. Watch it grow, and you will see that your impact on the environment is absolutely real!


Planting a forest is good for nature

There are many valid reasons why caring for forest ecosystems is so important. Climate change mitigation through capturing CO2 opens the list. Trees also absorb harmful polluting gases (such as ammonia and sulphur dioxide) and give up oxygen in return. An acre of large, mature trees can meet the oxygen needs of 18 people a year.


Forests also support the hydrological cycle of water in nature. By capturing pollutants from rainwater, they act as a natural filter. What is more, they keep the soil moist, which is good for soil fertility. They are essential for preserving and developing biodiversity. Trees provide valuable nutrients to many organisms, allowing ecosystems to function efficiently.


The way trees store water in the soil also helps to reduce the risk of floods and flooding. This is particularly important in areas with human habitation because it brings down the costs of dealing with potential natural disasters and gives local residents peace of mind.


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