Top 10 online sustainable shops in 2022

What does it mean for an online store to be sustainable, and is it even possible to implement sustainability principles in the e-commerce sector? While it would seem that the growing interest in online shopping is a trend that positively impacts the environment, this is not quite the case. Online shopping certainly has a lower carbon footprint than traveling to a stationary store for the same product. However, the emissions that e-commerce generates (especially if you think about things like multiple product returns) are still very high.

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Klementyna Sęga

Cultural scholar, educator and promoter of sustainable development. She writes and talks about responsible choices

It's worth doing as consumer awareness is growing, making them consider the environmental footprint of their shopping.

The good news is that the carbon footprint of online shopping can be reduced with an effective reduction strategy, and emissions that cannot be avoided can be completely zeroed out! It’s worth doing as consumer awareness is growing, making them consider the environmental footprint of their shopping. Meet the consumers’ demands by turning your offer climate-neutral! What stores are already taking steps to offset their carbon footprint or, even more broadly, their environmental footprint? We checked it out!

Here it is – ranking of the top 10 online sustainable shops in 2022!

  1. Earthhero
    The store’s idea is inspired by a dream of improving our way of consuming globally. Its founder, Ryan Lewis, wanted to create a place where sustainable goods could be purchased responsibly. In 2017, EarthHero opened with just a few hundred sustainable products. It made sustainable shopping affordable and easy for everyone. Today, it is a Certified B Corp, a 1% Planet member, and a climate-neutral company. The company calculates, reduces, and offsets its emissions by supporting Brazil’s Fazenda Sao Nicolao agroforestry project.

  2. Thrive Market
    Founded in 2014 with a mission to help people find convenient, trusted, and affordable ways to buy healthy groceries. Every product in the store has to meet Thrive Market’s rigorous standards for quality, sustainability and affordability.
    The company is carbon neutral (by purchasing carbon credits, and using only renewable energy), and working to be carbon negative by 2025.
  3. Eco Roots
    Eco Roots is an online shop founded to provide the best eco-friendly and zero-waste products. If you are looking for sustainable alternatives to everyday essentials – from beauty to household products – you’re in the right place. All products are vegan and made only of high-quality, sustainable ingredients. The company also has a recyclable/reusable packages policy and offers plastic-free shipping. A portion of every sale goes back to the environment as a donation to nature conservation organizations.
  4. Bybi Beauty
    Pro-planet, a “from seed to shelf” beauty brand founded in 2017 in the United Kingdom, is committed to producing skincare products with the lowest possible environmental footprint. From the company’s beginning, its owners declared a fight against carbon and created the first carbon-negative skincare product that captures more carbon than it emits. In 2020 the brand achieved carbon neutrality across the supply chain by funding offsetting projects. They offset all their historical carbon emissions too!
  5. Eartheasy
    A family business committed to delivering practical products making sustainable living easier since 2000. Their products come from value-based brands making a positive impact in the world. In partnership with TerraPass, they offset any greenhouse gas emissions created by their business activities, thus becoming carbon neutral. Eartheasy also plants a tree for every online-placed order thanks to a partnership with the Trees for Future Foundation.
  6. Pact
    Pact is a clothing company making everyday apparel using non-GMO organic cotton in a transparent supply chain. In cooperation with Fair Trade USA, Global Organic Textile Standard, and SimpliZero they ensure their processes and product support people and the planet. Pact measures the impact of every single product and offsets it through reforestation, community, and renewable energy projects that sequester carbon from the atmosphere.
  7. Made Trade
    Looking for ethical and sustainable home decor, furniture, shoes, and clothing? Made Trade brings the best ethically made and sustainably-sourced goods to one place. The company is also a woman-owned, family-run small business. In 2021, Made Trade offset 100% of its carbon emissions, including the carbon footprint of all products ordered so far and shipping, thus proudly turning into a certified carbon-neutral company.
  8. Jungalow
    Jungalow is a colorful home decor shop and signature collections design in Los Angeles It offers a selection of high-quality, limited-edition art prints from an international group of artists and creative goods from around the world. Design, manufacture, and source products made with people and the planet in mind. Jungalow also joined forces with Trees for the Future, and thanks to this cooperation, at least two trees are planted with every single order made on the shop’s website.
  9. Public Goods
    A members-only brand with premium home goods, only sustainably made, healthy ingredients, and beautiful design at a fair price. Offering products that people need the most, Public Goods have a net positive impact on the planet. It means sugar cane bottles, tree-free paper, organic ingredients, avoiding toxic chemicals, carbon offsetting through reforestation, and carbon-neutral shipping. For every order placed, the company plants a tree with Eden Reforestation Projects’ help. To date, they have planted over 363,000 trees.
  10. TerGo’s offset shop
    Is there an easier way to offset your emissions than simply shopping for offsets at TerGo’s online store? Our simple and free online carbon calculators will support you in evaluating the carbon footprint of a recent flight, an event, or your daily life. If you’re willing to take your climate action to another level, you can offset the emissions you cannot avoid with our tailor-made offsetting packages or monthly subscriptions. Every offset package contributes to developing TerGo’s agroforestry projects, thus planting trees, providing work for local people, and expanding our mission of saving and restoring biodiversity. We strive for perfection: our aim is to be the best for the world.