Films Brought ‘Together for Our Planet’

“You don't have to be a world leader to take part in creating a cleaner greener planet.” This message was guided by Netflix representatives and the organizers of the COP26 climate summit while preparing a special collection of documentaries known as ‘Together for Our Planet’. Get some snacks ready, grab a blanket, and turn on your streaming device - it's time to watch!

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Ksenia Pisera

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What is perhaps most interesting, however, is that the list includes not only typical documentaries and nature films, but also adventure shows and family productions.

‘Together for our Planet’ is a collection of more than 30 titles dealing with climate and environmental protection. What is perhaps most interesting, however, is that the list includes not only typical documentaries and nature films, but also adventure shows and family productions. Due to this variety, almost everyone will surely find something to enjoy, regardless of occasion or mood.

Below are some of the most noteworthy titles included in the ‘Together for Our Planet’ collection on Netflix.

David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet

David Attenborough is a legendary documentary filmmaker and renowned naturalist. Throughout his numerous highly-acclaimed programs, he has shown the natural world to millions of people. He calls the film ‘A Life On Our Planet’ his “witness statement” – and although we can still enjoy the jungle with him and admire the animals, we also learn how the Earth’s ecosystem has changed over recent years. Most importantly, the iconic narrator not only uses hard data but also his own experiences and observations to really connect with viewers. You will be faced with many emotions while watching this film, including hope and optimism, which are much needed as we try to move forward in a positive manner.

‘A Life On Our Planet’ won three Emmy Awards and the Critics’ Choice Documentary, as well as seven nominations, including BAFTA.

Production: Great Britain; Year: 2020; Running Time: 1 hour 23 minutes


What My Octopus Teacher Taught Me

This is a film where you can definitely feel one with nature. Naturalist Craig Foster takes us to an underwater world near the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa, where, for over 100 days, he accompanies the daily life of an octopus. This is the story of a human-animal relationship that is truly touching and suspenseful.

‘What My Octopus Teacher Taught Me’ won an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature Film. It also won six other awards (including a BAFTA and a Millennium Docs Against Gravity) and received four other nominations.

Production: South Africa; Year: 2020; Running Time: 1 hour 25 minutes


The Minimalists: Less Is Now

This is a documentary in which people – especially those beginning their minimalism adventure – can find practical tips. The protagonists, Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, not only expound on limiting consumption with a very pro-environmental attitude, but they also try to make us think about what is really important in life. You will also learn that small changes can be made that can add up in a hurry, leading to bigger changes in the grand scheme of things.

Production: USA; Year: 2021; Running Time: 53 minutes



This is a Netflix Original Series, and one of those titles that may not seem very obvious in this collection. The plot takes place after World War III, when the use of nuclear weapons has led to a rise in global temperatures and the extinction of all animals. Scientists, in an effort to save the planet, have constructed a means to lower the temperature. They succeeded, however, they went too far: the planet ends up dropping to a devastating -120 °C.

This series is a story of people who survived these disasters and got onboard the Snowpiercer – a huge, self-sustaining train that circles around the frozen world. It certainly makes you think about the consequences of extreme climate change.

Production: USA; Year: 2020-2021; two seasons available



This is an adventure film that addresses many issues, from industrial farming and world hunger to standing up against giants. It’s a story in which a young girl risks everything to save her beloved animal from being taken away by “the corporation.” The animal is special because Okja is a friendly, modified ‘super’ pig. The picture is a bit abstract – and satirical – but it deftly jumps between genre patterns.

Okja has been nominated twice for awards, including the Golden Cannes and the Saturn, awarded by the Academy of Science Fiction,

Production: US/South Korea; Year: 2017; Running Time: 2 hrs

The entire ‘Together for Our Planet’ collection on Netflix is available to watch here.