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Green office means pure profit - It pays to go green!

Green office means pure profit

Even if your office is a veritable plethora of electronic equipment where paper reams stack in towers and the air conditioning runs non-stop - a few simple changes are enough to make it greener. There is also an effective way to deal with emissions that you and your colleagues can no longer reduce! It's worth implementing green solutions in business because real action to protect the planet and the environment brings multifold benefits.
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Carbon labelling: low-carbon diet for the planet and businesses - It pays to go green!

Carbon labelling: low-carbon diet for the planet and businesses

A low-carbon diet is the ultimate cleansing diet. It may not apply to humans, but it certainly applies to... the planet! Reducing carbon dioxide is the most effective way to improve the condition of the Earth's atmosphere and mitigate climate change. Reduction is not always easy to apply, so the search for other solutions continues. One of them is carbon labelling, i.e. the labelling that informs about carbon footprint on the products’ packaging. Such labelling systems raise consumers' awareness of climate change and support their greener choices.
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3 Ways to Minimize Corporate Carbon Emissions - It pays to go green!

3 Ways to Minimize Corporate Carbon Emissions

We’re now at a point in time where we need to make big strides and drastically cut corporate carbon emissions if we want to avoid the destructive effects of climate change. In this regard, businesses should understand how significant their role is in slowing down climate change. Failing to prioritize sustainability in today’s highly industrialized world can increase the cost of doing business, encourage resource scarcity, and eventually hurt global economies.
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EU Taxonomy - It pays to go green!

EU Taxonomy

It cannot be produced or transferred. Nor can it be shared so that everyone can take care of their piece. Not even the most powerful companies own it. It is... the climate! That is why it is essential that all parties – including businesses – protect it and mitigate its changes. Global action will benefit everyone. We're about to see this in black and white, as the EU taxonomy became mandatory for major companies from 1 January 2022. Find out what this means in practice.
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Who are the masterminds behind TerGo? - It pays to go green!

Who are the masterminds behind TerGo?

Some innovative solutions are created in the lab, while others are invented in the garage. TerGo was conceived in the mind of a serial entrepreneur – and was brought to fruition after meeting a like-minded marketing executive at a charity event in coastal Poland.
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Biodiversity means life! - It pays to go green!

Biodiversity means life!

We are all connected to each other, in a circle, in a hoop, that never ends… Sounds familiar? Even if it doesn’t, fret not. All you have to do is... come run the hidden pine trails of the forest. This way, you will quickly learn what biodiversity is and why preserving it is crucial for life on Earth. A short visit to Belize will help! We will show you where TerGo is developing an agroforestry project in close cooperation with the local community. We will also look at Polish peatlands with the UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre. Let’s hit the road!
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What do hedgehogs and humus share in common? - It pays to go green!

What do hedgehogs and humus share in common?

Where do hedgehogs head to at night? If they are not going out to eat, they will probably be looking for a cosy resting place. This place could be in your garden! Hedgehogs, like many other small mammals, birds, insects or amphibians, are particularly fond of fallen leaves. So if you're looking for a good excuse as to why your yard is still unploughed – search no more. Leaving leaves is simply better for wildlife!
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