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It pays to go green!

Live in BALANCE with the planet and offset your carbon footprint.

Offset yourself For business

Introducing the app that puts the care of our planet in your hands.


No one can turn the tide of climate change alone. It takes individuals and businesses, working hand in hand. TerGo is the first platform that enables this cooperation.

With TerGo, your daily choices finally count. Reduce your CO2 emissions and earn money at the same time – all thanks to TER carbon credits that are created by YOU.


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Every TerGo user brings us closer to a carbon-neutral future. Join a community of like-minded people, who know that changing our habits and joining forces is the only way we can reverse climate change.

Download TerGo, switch to eco-mode and be proud of your positive impact.

You can always improve your carbon balance.  Compare your results and inspire others to follow the green path!

Together, we can do more!


More about the TerGo app



Don’t CHANGE who you are, just CHANGE what you do. See how you can CHANGE the world, one footprint at a time.

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Turn your smartphone into an eco-meter. At TerGo, we know that being eco-friendly requires effort — and we decided to support you.

We’ve created the first app in the world that rewards you financially by converting the CO2 emissions you saved into real money.

We are turning the tables: now it’s companies buying your TER carbon credits.

Using TerGo, you help companies offset their unavoidable CO2 emissions by minimizing your environmental impact.

It’s fun, simple, and important for the future of humanity.


More about the TerGo app

TERs – the new value of the eco world.

TerGo empowers you to make a real, positive difference — a unique app that measures, maximizes and monetizes your daily eco-choices in real-time.

Buy wisely and commute smartly – most likely you already do, but from now on it only gets better: get rewarded for your eco-choices with TERsTrue Emissions Reduction carbon credits wanted by conscious, sustainable companies.

How does it work? Everyone emits while commuting, shopping, surfing online, or performing basically any other activity. When you emit less than a statistical citizen of your country, you add value to the system. This value is expressed in carbon credits in the TerGo app. If you have managed to do better than the average, you earn TERs, helping to create a better future for our planet.

As a bonus, you earn some extra cash.


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VERs – neutralize the unavoidable

We know it’s impossible to prevent 100% of CO2 emissions from entering the atmosphere. Luckily, there is a way to offset those emissions that cannot be avoided:  VERs-Verified Emissions Reduction carbon credits.

By capturing CO2 from the atmosphere with our polyculture forests, we create VERs.

TerGo supports such a sequestration project in Belize: we recultivate wastelands and former farmlands by planting biodiverse forests in their place. Moreover, the project socially and economically benefits the local community. Learn more about our Belize project:


TerGo's project in Belize