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    Were you among the lucky participants of our tree-planting campaigns?
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    Tree-planting is the plan!
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    Being eco-friendly required effort — we know and want to support you.
    TerGo empowers people and companies striving to reach carbon neutrality.

    Choose your way of saving the planet. See what we can do together for a carbon-neutral future:


      Eco-solutions for business

      Going green is the way to go. Join the leaders of positive change and expand your company in a sustainable way.

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      Become a net-zero hero! Clear your carbon footprint with our subscription plans and packages.

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      Knowledge is the key to success! Calculate how much CO2 you leave behind.

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      TerGo’s TERbit mobile app

      An mobile app that quantifies and monetizes your eco-actions. It’s the first app in the world that rewards you financially for living green. Convert your eco-actions into TERs: True Emission Reduction carbon credits with a real market value. With TerGo, it really does pay to go green- starting with you!

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    Running a company? We’ve got you covered.

    Eco-solutions for business

    Sustainable development is easier and more affordable than you think. Let’s get in touch – fresh opportunities await you!

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    See all solutions for business

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    Join us in supporting the global climate efforts.
    Offset your carbon footprint by planting trees.

    Read about Belize eco-projectSee offseting possibilites


    Learn about your carbon footprint

    To see the annual carbon footprint per capita in your country, select it from the list on the right.


    Hungry for more? Browse through our comprehensive database of expert articles covering CO2 emissions per country.

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    per capita in this country equals:

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    • @whowillsavetheplanet

      Dominika Lenkowska-Piechocka

      I am glad that an application is created on the Polish market that wants to educate about CO2 emissions in an accessible way. There is also an interesting concept that allows individuals to earn money on their eco-friendly activities. I am curious about the app and I support the development of TerGo.

    • @eko.alternatywa

      Ola Brzeska

      If climate change continues and we do not change our habits – our everyday life will change beyond recognition. That is why I am doing my best to protect the environment and support TerGo in its efforts to benefit our planet.

    • Las Na Zawsze Foundation

      Paweł Krzemiński

      The forest is a safe haven for animals, a place of rest and regeneration for people, and a huge, natural air purification machine that accumulates CO2, protects the soil against desertification, and retains water. Thanks to cooperation with partners such as TerGo, we can develop and expand with more forests in Poland. We will all use them, because they are forests for nature, for all living, for future generations!

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      Dive deep and learn more:

      You can read about our projects here or how we plant our trees here. We are not brokers of projects, but the owners of the land working with the local community to increase their social and economic standing. We are proud of our project and welcome anyone to visit our farms. Our team members are there every day, helping make the world a better place.

      We're great because of awesome people like yourself working together to help our planet with each individual eco-action.

      Carbon credits are generated from projects around the world that pull Greenhouse Gases (GHGs)-often called carbon emissions – out of the atmosphere or kept out altogether.

      When a project has reduced, avoided or destroyed one metric tonne of GHGs, one carbon credit is created. In simple terms, a project needs to eliminate a metric tonne of greenhouse gas emissions to make a carbon credit.

      Offsetting your footprint is a way to bring your carbon balance to zero. When you purchase carbon credits, you are funding the reduction, elimination, or total avoidance of one ton of carbon. This can be done by buying VER carbon credits from eco-farming projects or offsetting your created TER carbon credits when using TerGo's TerBit app. The ultimate goal is to lower your carbon balance to zero, thus balancing your emissions with an equal amount of emissions reduction.

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